the Sportaccord

In our previous article about our achievements so far, we’ve told you about the SportAccord and what it means for the sport of Calisthenics & Street Workout.

This international sports agreement is the umbrella document for all national sports federations, associations, sports clubs, and organizers regarding Calisthenics & Street Workout. The document is based on the “IOC” (International Olympic Committee) standards and is an incredibly important step towards the professionalization of the sport.

Today we would like to present you proudly the official signature document for the sport Calisthenics & Street Workout. By signing this agreement all national organizations have committed themselves to be part of the unified universal sport and work together.

Paco Podunajec


Paco is the CEO of The Calisthenics Club and has an ambitious vision and passion for the Calisthenics and Street Workout sport.

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