Competition & Styles
  • Freestyle: 1 against 1 battles, Knock-out battles, Group battles, Routine
  • Power & Strength: Strict-form, Reps & sets, Weighted, Max rep, 1RM, Static hold, Routine
  • Competitions / Qualifiers: Regional competitions, National league, National championship, Online competitions
Executive Board members:
Full NameJob Title
Kolettis AndreasPresident
katsoulas ArgyrisGeneral Secretary
About the organization

HPA; Ελληνικό Σωματείο Δυναμικού Τριάθλου – ΕΣΔΤ in Greek is a nonprofit organization, established in 2014, which aims in promoting, educating, and growing the sport of Powerlifting and other indoor/outdoor sports (e.g., Calistbenics, Street Workout, Streetlifting, Strengthlifting, Powe Sports, Strongman, Armlifting, Sumo) in Greece. HPA has more than 500 athletes and is member of more than 20 international sport organizations. HPA focuses on developing sports and educate people with diverse backgrounds (e.g., wide range of ages, disabled people, special Olympics) in Greece. To this end, HPA organizes educational seminars and workshops, organizes meets, sport events, etc. HPA represents multiple world federations and organizations in Greece, which organize World, European, Mediterranean, and Balkan sport events, and thus, our athletes can take part in international meets. The research committee of HPA is active in interdisciplinary fields, such as biomechanics, physical and sport education, and kinesiology, aiming to develop methods and techniques that better support and educate athletes of strength-related sports. The technology committee of the HPA aims in developing technological solutions that improve training protocols and exercise routines, by taking into consideration the education of the athletes/instructions and the meet performance.
The key activities of HPA are briefly summarized as follows:
– Participation, organization, and co-organization of indoor/outdoor sports events at local, regional, national, European, and World level.
– Organization of and participation in conferences, workshops, seminars, and other events related to the sports that are supported by HPA (or similar sports) aiming to educate athletes and sports staff, disseminate research results, network, and develop the idea of the sports.
– Study, research, and development of the following tracks and topics (which are indicative): Sport and health, sport and culture, sport and nutrition, anti-doping, sports education and training, sport and social inclusion and equal opportunities, fight against the phenomena of racism, violence and corruption, crime, protection of underage athletes, accessibility and full access to people with disabilities, sports tourism, alternative sports activities, jobs sports, sports programs for all, alternative mass sports activities, alternative sports recreation activities, outdoor sports recreation and adventure activities, special sports, sports for people with special educational needs, sports and school integration of students with special educational needs and sports, sports.
– Organization of and participation in outdoor sports recreation – adventure activities that take place once or occasionally without a competitive character and have the main purpose of recreation and entertainment of the participants. Outdoor sports leisure activities can be developed: at sea, in lakes and rivers, in mountainous, semi-mountainous areas and urban and rural areas and include: a) outdoor activities such as hiking, hiking, horseback riding, walking, In equipment, dating and team building games, in intense activities, such as descent into an inflatable boat (rafting), mountain biking, climbing, rowing, hiking, eagleboard, chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum all sports recreation activities carried out during the winter season, and under specific climatic conditions, those of those who are carried out in mountain shelters and ski resorts, ski resorts, ski lifts, ski lifts, ski lifts, ski lifts. Triathlon, Tennis, Golf, Indoor and Indigenous Diving, as well as activities such as free diving, cliff diving and controlled tread (bungee jumping) paragliding – parapente.
– Establishment and operation of sports facilities, sports academies, infrastructure and development academies and sports learning schools which will be carried out with theoretical and practical teaching, lectures, training seminars and recruitment by the national coaches’ association or foreigners who will have the required scientific training and experience in the teaching of sports.

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